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Kennamer Links - This site provides a wealth of information regarding the Kennamer family, and includes links to many other sites. - This site provides a listing of Jackson County Cemeteries, along with other historical documents. - Though not as populated as the Jackson County site, the TrackingYourRoots Marshall County page includes a number of resources. - The TrackingYourRoots home page includes data on all of Alabama's counties and more. - This is a link to a Wikipedia article about Kennemerland, a region in the Netherlands. - Zuid-Kennemerland National Park is located in the Netherlands. - This is a link to Michael Rutledge's Genealogy Site, which contains data about the Genheimer ancestors. -  Glenn & Dee Sallenbach share some ancestors, which are listed on their family history page. - Article on Appalachian about the Kennamer reunion. 

Other Family Links - I have not yet found any direct ancestors on this site, but there are a great deal of resources here. - This site, Pedigree of Doris Prince, provided a great deal of information on my (Sparks) ancestors. It is well-researched, includes great detail, and is very easy to navigate.