Kenneth and Mary Kennamer Tribute

This page is a tribute to my father, Kenneth Arnold Kennamer (1926-2017) and my mother, Mary Gwendolyn (Davis) Kennamer (1928-2019).

Standing on the New Hampshire/Vermont state line in 2015.


Kenneth Arnold Kennamer (baby) with sister, Ilene and brother, Wendell.

PFC Kenneth A Kennamer, US Army, WWII

After much searching, I have found my dad's enlistment records for WWII. There is a typo in his last name that made it difficult to find. During WWII, the US Army created an IBM punch card record for each enlistee. After the war, the Army microfilmed and subsequently destroyed the punch cards. About 13% of the punch cards could not be scanned and 35% have a scanning error. Other errors occurred when the punch cards were created.